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Jonathan Baker

Portrait of the author as a lad

Jonathan is currently in exile in Manchester although his blood still runs black and white and not that red stuff you'll find in the Manc lads' veins. If you had a letter from him in your letterbox you'd be very happy, because you'd know that once you opened it the laughs would start to spill out like beans from a hamper. All his silent, private rants about Newcastle United, accumulating for decades, have finally found expression and have been getting published regularly in The Mag, making him officially a writer in the finest Dostoevskian/Hamsun-esque sense of the term.

The following features bear Jonathan's insidious imprint:

  1. The Geordie Chronicles: Tragically hilarious tales of crushed dreams and perpetual aspirations. Giiiiive me an N and an E and a Wubble You See...
  2. Howon Howay: Jonathan Baker digs deep into Grandad's songbook and pulls out this instant classic, brought to you by the magic of international phone lines and assorted recording devices.