Added: 1 January 1998
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What Is Bonkworld?

You know, bonk, the sound effect that happens when something hits somebody on the head in an absurd or comical fashion. Bonkworld is several things related to that concept, including this webby zeen e-thing, brought to you by John and Abby Schoneboom and assisted periodically by a variety of ad hoc co-conspirators.


14 January 2010 11:54:59 Toby Tumpson

You guys are a solar eclipse! A total solar eclipse. And not a lunar or partial eclipse. A total solar eclipse!

1 November 2007 04:20:09 kimberly patterson


1 August 2006 13:56:52 Alex

Haha, i like the way you can push the botton and "Bonk" falls on the person currently(Duh) in the boxes head, very nice touch guys pretty funny
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