Added: 2 October 2007

Andy Pop Stories



11 January 2008 21:51:07 John

Yeah, apologies for the math thing...let's go bonk people!

9 January 2008 00:21:50 stuart

after consulting my calculator and being allowed to post, ok, no, it's gone...completely vanished... .. .

What are we going to do now?

I suggest we walk into a public arena and bonk people whilst they are least expecting it.

Balaclavas may not be worn.

23 October 2007 21:58:52 John

Oy there Jonathan, you've clearly gotten right into the Andy Pop swing of things to the proper extent, which is to say in an unhealthy way. It took over our lives for weeks and we barely escaped with our eyeballs. Beware, young man, beware!

23 October 2007 13:21:38 Jonathan

Help! I was just passing by minding my own business several hours ago when I fell into the world of the many Andy Pops and have been unable to extricate myself. No doubt the whole endeavour will end up going South and I will come to an unseemly end during a futile attempt to infiltrate the Changing of the Guards by belabouring the Duke of Edinburgh with a smoked haddock. Or perhaps I will pass uneventfully at the age of ninety-four shortly after experiencing an epiphany and showering my neighbours with small-value postal orders. Either way, I'd say we're here for the duration.
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