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Added: 27 June 2014
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Jimmy Bannon Quote Generator

The late great Jimmy Cannon, inspiration for Jimmy Bannon

Jimmy Bannon is a character who recurs in my work like the echo of a surrealist childhood on the hardscrabble streets of a place you never lived. He is based on Jimmy Cannon, a columnist who wrote about sports, war, society, his childhood, and anything else he felt like for various New York dailies including the Daily News, the Post, and Newsday, from the 1930s into the 1970s. Cannon was one of the all-time greats, so please understand Bannon as homage, not mockery.

Here's an amazing machine that takes random Jimmy Cannonisms and remixes them as Jimmy Bannonisms. Have fun. Some come out better than others, but you're rather unlikely to see the same quote twice.

Jimmy Bannon says: