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Added: 28 March 2005

Geordie Mike and the X-Ray Eye

We walk into the middle of a session featuring some grizzly characters. The main one turns out to be Mike, playing a song that turns out to be Highway Blues by a guy who turns out to be Roy Harper, whose double live album to get turns out to be called something like Dazzling Flashes from Somewhere in Oblivion or words to similar effect. Abby thinks she hears a sort of Geordie accent and yeah he turns out Geordie. He used to be a miner and now he's been here 13 years and he's all grizzled but with dignity and plays a hell of a guitar, which is for sale. Geordie Mike turns out to be everywhere and may be the most complete man of our times.

He is musically joined by a guy in the background who plays drums on one of them little bally whingus Irish drum things, but only quietly and when he feels like it, which turns out to be about one and a half times of brief duration if memory serves. He was an invisible sort of man and to this day no memory of his face exists.

There was also a second guitar-playing man who played somewhat less impressively and only about as often as the invisible fellow on the ballywhingus. Word is that he's a former genius when he was less fantastically grizzled than currently, but now he is so completely grizzled that he doesn't bother much, as he has developed an even more fascinating ability, which is to look up at you from an odd angle and give you a grizzled look-right-through-you crooked smile, keeping his eye in shadow so it takes you several poignant moments to realize his eye is a rolled up into his head unseeing white eye, so that he must be using other senses to perceive you, or maybe it has x-ray vision. But that is only half of the fascinating skill he has developed. By itself, what I have described so far is more persona than skill per se, but wait til you hear the other half. Here it is: When you see him later, his eye is normal. That's talent.