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Added: 30 October 2006

Tentacle Head

Ever have your head split up into eight? I hate when that happens...

All my servants have left, I stand here bereft of all of the comforts of home
Is that me in my head, the lights flashing red out here in the nightmare zone
Fog rolls up and creeps in, cold rubbery skin, genetic recombination
I'm split up into eight, goodbye it's too late, looks like it's a transmutation


Sun slips off and the rains will fall and the world you know is a spinning ball
and the sky will crack and the thunder roll and you know the years always take their toll
and the world you know has gone far away. It's a new world now, it's a brand new day.
Got to go crazy just to make it shine like a laser beam out from your mind.

I've got Tentacle Head. It's just what I dread: grotesque undulating features.
They've got minds of their own but they call me home, these tentacle waving creatures.
If I focus my mind I can keep them in line. They're powerful all together.
Must use all of my will, prepare for the kill. Soon I will control the weather.