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  • Recent FeatureJimmy Bannon Quote Generator
  • Random words of wisdom from the myth himself.
  • Recent FeatureDeath and the Modern Apple
  • A mysterious apple salesman plumbs the depths of a young couple's subconscious desires.
  • Recent FeatureFontoon: The Short Film
  • Golly, it's like a novel come to life!
  • Random FeatureHowon Howay
  • Jonathan Baker digs deep into Grandad's songbook and pulls out this instant classic, brought to you by the magic of international phone lines and assorted recording devices.
  • Random FeatureOn Vacation Time
  • The Protestants have given us two things. We'll keep the condoms.
  • Random FeatureThe Bullet Train
  • Cars are sooooo twentieth century. Get hip to the new way to travel. Fast, fabulous, and cheap.

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