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Fantastic Features

  • Recent FeatureJimmy Bannon Quote Generator
  • Random words of wisdom from the myth himself.
  • Recent FeatureDeath and the Modern Apple
  • A mysterious apple salesman plumbs the depths of a young couple's subconscious desires.
  • Recent FeatureFontoon: The Short Film
  • Golly, it's like a novel come to life!
  • Random FeatureDreams of Jimmy Bannon
  • Jimmy Bannon is back, and this time he's a character in a one-act play. Winner of the Massachusetts Cultural Council 2001 Fellowship Award for playwriting (yes, really).
  • Random FeatureWhy We Lost
  • An all-purpose explanation that can be adapted for use wherever excuses are called for.
  • Random FeatureThe Duel
  • A five-minute 17th century gender ambiguity action farce

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