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Meat Gizmo

All we're allowed to tell you about Meat Gizmo is that he's an anagram, and a half-mad brawler-poet who shoots a fine game of pool and spins a fancy yarn. On top of that he's an ace salesman who knows how to close a deal if you know what I mean, and not even I know what I mean. But he really does exist. We didn't make him up or anything.

The following features bear Meat's insidious imprint:

  1. More Poetry of Meat Gizmo: More meaty stylings from the Gizmaster
  2. Meat Gizmo's Babe Tenderizer: The Game: Test your skills with this Flash-based game, and watch out for the Offensive Zone!
  3. The Poetry of Meat Gizmo: We dragged him out of the pool hall and beat him with flank steaks until he emitted poetry.