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DJ Johnny Zero

Shades of Johnny Zero

DJ Johnny Zero cooks up dancey trancey gems in his secret mountaintop garage somewhere in the Himalayas. He left his shades lying around in the studio one night just before disappearing into the wee hours. That's about all we know. Just dig his crazy sounds.

The following features bear DJ Johnny's insidious imprint:

  1. Yamabushi: Q: Is the mountain ascetic really invulnerable to fire? A: No.
  2. Lie 2 Me: Lie to me baby, more more more, lie to me baby, war, war
  3. Everybody Go: Who ya gotta blow to get impeached around here?
  4. Hot Dog City: Groove to the sounds of the hot dog smell
  5. Total Freak Show: Get moving to the freaky grooving
  6. Tentacle Head: DJ Johnny Zero strikes again with a song of dread from the deep
  7. Girl Magic: It's the dreamy and bewitching Jeannie and Samantha dance craze that is sweeping the nation!